From Reopen to Reinvent: (Re)Creating School for Every Child

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A practical blueprint to rebuilding an education system that is no longer working for its students

In From Reopen to Reinvent, distinguished education strategist Michael B. Horn delivers a provocative and eye-opening call to action for the overthrow of an education system that is not working well for any of its students. Grounded in what educators should build in its place to address the challenges that stem from widespread unmet learning needs, the book walks readers through the design of a better path forward.

Using time-tested leadership and innovation frameworks like Jobs to Be Done, “Begin with the End,” tools of cooperation, threat-rigidity, and discovery-driven planning, From Reopen to Reinvent offers a prescriptive and holistic approach to the purpose of schooling, the importance of focusing on mastery for each student, and the ideal use of technology. It also provides readers with:

  • A set of processes and ideals that schools should implement to deal with the challenges they presently face
  • A way to transform threats into opportunities using threat-rigidity research
  • A discussion of how the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that schools are not as flexible and equitable as we need them to be

Perfect for K-12 educators and parents and school board members involved in the school community, From Reopen to Reinvent is also an essential resource for professionals working in education-related non-profits and state education agencies.

If you want to read an excerpt from the book to learn more, click here and download Chapter 6 for free.


Free Bookmark & Links to Videos

The book contains links to nearly 30 videos of the schools and providers transforming learning that are featured in its pages. Each showcases different elements of reinventing schools to benefit all students.

Download your own free bookmark here that has QR Codes for all the videos so you can easily watch them on your mobile device as you read the book. The videos are also featured below.

Here’s to creating schools in which every child can build their passions and fulfill their human potential. Enjoy!

Blended Learning in the Introduction

Santa Rita Elementary School in 2011 

Santa Rita Elementary School today

From Threat to Opportunity in Chapter 1

Southern New Hampshire University

Mastery School of Hawken

Kettle Moraine School District

Cleveland Learning Pods

Spring Grove Public Schools

Prenda Learning

My Tech High

Begin with the End: What’s the Purpose of Schooling? in Chapter 2

Grosse Pointe Academy

The Scope of Schools: How Do We Accomplish a School’s Purpose? in Chapter 3

Minerva University


Student Experience: Guarantee Mastery in Chapter 5

Summit Public Schools

Hartford High School

Mastery Transcript Consortium

Iron County School District’s Launch High School

Lindsay Unified School District: System Shifts Toward Personalized Learning

Welcome to Lindsay Unified School District

Big Picture Learning

T in Teachers Is for Team in Chapter 6

Student Day in the Life for Teach to One

Teacher Day in the Life for Teach to One

Success Academy Virtual

Ranson IB Middle School

The Parent Experience in Chapter 7

Iron County School District Grading

Florida Virtual School Flex

Hybrid Homeschooling in Blount County, Tenn.

The Technology in Chapter 8

Dobie High School’s One-to-One Implementation

Dobie High School and Summit Learning

Culture in Chapter 9

Enlarged City School District of Middletown

From Reopen to Reinvent Bookmark