Private Enterprise and Public Education

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Michael has collaborated on writing six books and has more in the works.

Choosing College explains why students choose the schools they do to help them and their parents make better choices–and offers schools a way to design better experiences.

Disrupting Class ushered in the movement to transform schools by using online learning to personalize learning for all students.

Blended is the sequel and offers a how-to design guide for blending online learning into schools to create a student-centered education system.

The Blended Workbook offers a practical companion to Blended with real-world implementation exercises.

Goodnight Box is a children’s book for fitness enthusiasts to introduce your child to a lifetime of health and wellness.

Private Enterprise and Public Education explores the role of for-profits in public education and concludes that they have strengths that make them important and a critical part of the education system, but they also have weaknesses to mitigate.