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Sep 2020

Will graduate schools face a reckoning in 2020?: Season 4, Episode 4 of Future U

With international enrollment down sharply, especially in STEM fields, and potential students questioning the worth of mostly online education, how can graduate schools adapt and..

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Sep 2020

Who Gets In and Why: Season 4, Episode 3 Of Future U

Jeff and Michael preview Jeff’s new book, Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions, which goes on sale September 15. Jeff, who embedded..

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Apr 2019

The financial aid letters mess: Episode 35 of Future U

Rachel Fishman, a financial aid policy expert at New America, sat down with Michael and Jeff to discuss her research into the transparency problems and..

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Mar 2019

The college admissions scandal, a week later: Episode 31 of Future U

After a college admissions scandal rocked the world of higher education, Michael interviews Jeff to learn how it happened and what it means for the..

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Dec 2018

What the Harvard Admissions Case Means for Higher Education: Episode 24 of Future U

The Atlantic’s Adam Harris joins Michael and Jeff to talk about the affirmative action lawsuit against Harvard and other stories making headlines in higher ed...

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