Oct 2016

Tackling the education-to-employment gap

Earlier this year, CareerBuilder and Capella Learning Solutions announced an innovative partnership, RightSkill, to bridge the growing talent gap in the United States.

The partnership is intriguing. Bringing Capella’s competency-based learning—in which learning becomes the constant and time becomes the variable—together with the real-time labor data of CareerBuilder offers a new way to build a supply of job-ready talent. This new, scalable approach to talent acquisition appears to be one of the more innovative ways on the market of tackling the widening education-to-employment gap. The bold goal, as its tagline says, is to turn “the right person into the right candidate, guaranteed.”

I had the chance to ask Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, and Kevin Gilligan, CEO of Capella, a series of questions to explore the rationale behind and the mechanics of the partnership.


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