Jan 2017

Obama’s Education Dept Issues Last Hurrah: A National Edtech Plan for Higher Education

By Jeffrey R. Young & Tony Wan

Just days before a new administration moves in, the Obama Administration’s Education Department today released a supplement to its National Education Technology Plan that focuses on higher education. At times it reads like a student’s final paper, straining to demonstrate understanding of every concept learned over a long course. In other sections it has the hint of a manifesto, with an urgent call to action that boils down to this: Colleges need to adapt to meet the changing demographics and needs of students, rather than expect them to conform to a tradition-loving system.

Michael Horn, principal consultant for Entangled Solutions, said that he was pleasantly surprised by the range of institution types represented in the report’s examples.

Still, he and others wondered about the timing.

“It’s a strange time to be putting a supplement to the national edtech plan whose policy and priority is about to shift,” he said.


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