Feb 2017

New Faces of Blended Learning

March 2017 | Volume 74 | Number 6
Getting Personalization Right Pages 59-63

Michael B. Horn and Julia Freeland Fisher

Innovative schools are combining online and face-to-face learning to personalize education in a variety of ways.

The blended learning model—the combination of online learning and brick-and-mortar schooling—is not new. But as this model continues to evolve and mature, it’s producing new kinds of learning experiences.

Blended learning began decades ago as a practical solution to fill gaps in access to curriculum content. Schools that couldn’t offer certain advanced or elective coursework found an answer in online courses that could affordably deliver content to students anytime and anywhere, often reaching across district and state lines. Although students continued to take traditional face-to-face classes, they could supplement these courses with online courses.


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