Apr 2018

Conversations from LearnLaunch 2018: Instructional Design with the Online Learning Consortium and Entangled Solution’s Michael Horn

Designing online courses to accommodate personalized learning pathways is more possible using educational technologies. But how do publishers and instructors ensure these learning experiences are engaging and accessible? How does technology’s much-needed disruption to education balance against practical concerns of ensuring strong learner outcomes? What contributions do instructional designers and learning scientists make when implementing digital tools into the learning experience? DigiPub host Sue Brown had the opportunity to consider these questions while at LearnLaunch’s 2018 Across Boundaries Conference. This episode brings you two of those conversations with learning design practitioners as well as education visionaries. First, Jennifer Rafferty and Elisabeth Stuckland, of the Online Learning Consortium discuss instructional design, the OSCQR rubric, and the OLC’s Workshops. In the second part of this episode, Michael Horn shares his perspectives among many things, the importance of quality content to support learner-centered educational experiences. In the post-interview panel discussion, Sue is joined by Jack Cashman, of the Harvard Alumni Association, Laura Linnaeus, of Macmillan Learning, and Denis Saulnier, of Harvard Business Publishing; they talk about the learner audience and the influence technologies may have on the learning experience.


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