Jan 2019

The State of Edtech According to Michael Horn

The noted futurist and education disruptor shares his view of now and vision of the future.

INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero

What prompted you to start speaking and writing about the future of education?

Michael: I would say it was dumb luck.

I had a public policy background and a writing background and if I’m being honest, I went to business school to escape those.

And while there I had the fortune of taking Clayton Christensen’s class on innovation and it totally changed the way I saw the world and literally at the end of class one day he said, “I have this opportunity to write a book with me about applying my ideas to public education system to help it innovate. Anyone interested stop by.”

And I stopped by, and a few months later signed up to write this book with him and then we started the Clayton Christensen Institute together and it sort of took off from there and it has become my passion and purpose in life, to help move this education system to student betterment.


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