Mar 2019

The ‘perfect storm’ behind the recent college closings and how it could change New England

“The fundamentals have been challenged for many, many years now, and then you throw a demographic cliff on top of it — and that has the makings of a crisis.”

The next years could be scary for small colleges in New England — if the past few haven’t been already.

In the last several years, institutions across the college-rich region have buckled due to financial pressures. Some schools have been absorbed into larger universities, while others — from Mount Ida College to Newbury College — have abruptly announced that they will close. Hampshire College is also feeling the squeeze. In Vermont, the trend has sank three schools in 2019 alone.

Michael Horn, an author and education consultant who focuses on the future of the industry, says they won’t be the last. Hardly.

“It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” Horn told in a recent interview.



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