May 2019

Why NOT Going to College May Be The Right Choice

A new report shows more high school graduates are choosing NOT to go to college. Michael Horn, education expert and co-author of the forthcoming book, “Choosing College: How to Make Better Learning Decisions Throughout Your Life,  says that for many people, college is not delivering the desired or anticipated results. Below, Horn draws on his latest book and research to discuss why colleges, parents and students all need to think differently about what college is really FOR.

Why might a student’s “best school” be his or her worst option?

Despite ranking and popular opinion, the question students should be asking isn’t whether they should go to the best possible school, but what is the right educational experience for them now, based on their goals, circumstances or the progress they are seeking to make. That means understanding what they want out of college, what they are trying to accomplish in their life, and what excites and motivates them and aligns with their purpose and passions.


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