Aug 2019

Choosing College: Q&A with Michael Horn on His New Book

By Sam Pritchard

I’ve often come across students who seemed so focused on getting into the “right” college that they never even considered what their chosen college would enable them to do, to know, or to be upon graduation. With the rising cost of college, students and parents need to be more intentional with their college choice and increase the likelihood that degree will lead to the desired result. This is why I’m excited for the forthcoming book Choosing College by Michael Horn and Bob Moesta. I had the opportunity recently to ask Michael Horn a few questions about the book and I wanted to share this Q&A more broadly:

SP: What is the central theme of Choosing College?

MH: We wrote Choosing College for anyone who is thinking about whether they should get more education or where to get it. It’s not a typical college guide, though. We wrote it to help individuals better understand themselves and their current situation, so they can make a good choice—even if that choice isn’t always more education or a traditional college or university.


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