Apr 2020

Higher Ed’s Credit Transfer System Is Broken. Here’s a Better Way.

By Michael B. Horn and Richard Price

When Kevin enrolled in college after high school, he chose the cheapest and closest four-year public college. But after a semester, he didn’t like the experience and transferred to a local technical college, wanting to earn a credential faster so that he could enter the workforce.

As he enrolled in his new school, he started from scratch. What limited credits he accumulated before did not transfer and help him on his path toward finding a job.

Three semesters in, he once again grew disillusioned and dropped out. After some time in the workforce, he re-enrolled in the first school he attended—and began his journey as a freshman yet again.

Such experiences are all too common for transfer students like Kevin, and many others, who we interviewed as we conducted research for our book “Choosing College.”


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