May 2020

Class Disrupted Us: Episode 0 of Class Distrupted Podcast

Introducing the Class Disrupted Podcast, a Weekly Pandemic Education Conversation Hosted by Author Michael Horn & Summit Public Schools’ Diane Tavenner.

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted education across the U.S. and changed our assumptions about what it means to go to school. Districts have shifted to remote instruction, but many teachers and students are struggling to continue learning while classrooms are closed.

Class Disrupted is a new podcast that investigates the challenges facing our schools and explores where we go from here. Each week, we will answer questions from parents and speak with educators and thought leaders about how schools can change to better meet the needs of all students. Every edition will go live at our Class Disrupted page; bookmark this link to hear our newest episodes, and subscribe to The 74 Newsletter for alerts on our latest conversations.

In this short introductory episode, we talk about why we’re launching this podcast.



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