May 2020

Skip college this fall? How some students are rethinking their school choices

By Lisa J. Huriash

With time growing short and the future uncertain, many high school students in Florida are considering skipping college in the fall.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many universities uncertain whether they’ll be able to welcome students to campus after summer, and many students don’t want to pay for top-flight universities if they can’t get the full in-person experience.

Some say they may skip a year. Some may opt for cheaper alternatives like community colleges. Either way, the coronavirus could leave its mark on higher education long after the pandemic fades.

Michael Horn, the author of “Choosing College,” said national studies show many students are looking at alternatives. He said for families to spend the same dollars for online classes that were intended for a classroom experience “doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

“They were signing up for something way more than the classes,” he said. “A lot of the experience is in the extracurriculars, late-night experiences with other students — shared dining room, parties — meeting alumni, that’s part of the college experience. It’s not just a collection of classes.”


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