May 2020

The Future of Virtual Education

Michael Horn is a Senior Partner at Entangled Solutions, the co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, and a long-standing member of the Davis Akilah Global Innovation Council. Davis’ Chief Academic Officer Tony Guzman interviewed Michael as part of the Council’s online retreat on April 21, 2020, discussing the future of virtual education.

Michael: For this section of the retreat, Tony and I wanted to have a conversation about the implications of Davis and Akilah moving into an online-only world. Tony, I’ll let you start us off.

Tony: Sounds good, thank you. We’ve been using blended learning at the Akilah Institute for the past few trimesters. As we start to prepare for online learning this upcoming academic year, we’re asking: what is the difference, really, between blended and online learning?


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