Jun 2020

Virtual Teaching Academy Kickoff Part 1

Spearheaded by University of Phoenix and Blackboard, the Alliance for Virtual Learning is a collective of leading experts with a mission of helping educators create a blueprint for the future of virtual education that meets the academic and emotional needs of all students.

This is the first in a series of kickoff webinars—leading up to the Summer Virtual Teaching Academy, June 26-July 1—will feature a moderated panel discussion that engages district leaders who have successfully helped their schools adapt to new ways of teaching and learning amidst COVID-19. Panelists will discuss the steps their districts took before March that enabled them to succeed, what they’re learning now and where their districts are today. The webinar is an opportunity for education leaders, teachers and experts to reflect on the K-12 education system’s response to the pandemic as they begin thinking about the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.

Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smarter, and author of books including “Getting Smart,” “Navigating the Digital Shift,” “Smart Cities,” “Smart Parents,” “Better Together” and “The Power of Place.”

John Woods, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer and Provost, University of Phoenix
Michael Horn, MBA, Senior Partner, Entangled Solutions, a strategy consultancy for the education ecosystem, and author of “Choosing College.”
Julie Young: CEO of Arizona State University Digital Prep High School
Lea Ann Lockard, MEA, Executive Director, Texas Connections Academy, an online school
Thomas Tucker, Ph.D., Superintendent, Douglas County School District, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pete Just, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Metropolitan School District, Wayne Township, Indianapolis, Indiana



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