Jun 2020

Why Are We Doing School?: Episode 4 of Class Disrupted

As parents nationwide have been thrust in the role of distance-learning support staff, they’re questioning the real purpose of school. Should it just be about “playing the game” to get to college? We talk to a parent who asked this question and went rogue on her daughter’s distance learning plan, creating a project around her daughter’s interests instead. But as she learned, that’s not easy, either.

We then look to Marshall Street’s Adam Carter, who breaks down project-based learning to differentiate between the “dessert” variety that offers a bunch of empty calories and the “main course” type that offers intentional and interdisciplinary learning. With main course projects, we see how students use their curiosity to drive their work, asking questions that Alexa or Google can’t easily answer, and how feedback from peers is a critical piece of the learning process.


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