Sep 2020

Class Disrupted: Lessons From a Pandemic Podcast

When the coronavirus upended school earlier this year, parents had lots of questions. We launched the “Class Disrupted” podcast to address some of the challenges families faced with the switch to remote learning and explore how this experience might lead to long-term changes in our schools.

We come at this from different perspectives: Diane is the CEO of Summit Public Schools, a network of high-performing schools in California and Washington state; and Michael is an education scholar and founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, a nonprofit think tank. But both of us have been working for many years to transform education to better meet the needs of all students.

In our careers, we’ve seen how the infrastructure of education—the practices and assumptions that make school look like it does today—accumulated over generations. They have become such an accepted part of life that they are hidden in plain sight. Our goal with “Class Disrupted” was to discuss how our education system evolved to serve more than 50 million children per year—and how we can rethink it to prepare all individuals for a life of success and fulfillment. Over 10 episodes in the first season, we connected parents with some of the best thinkers, researchers, and practitioners in education. Here are three of the themes we explored:


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