2U and edX Merger Benefits Both
Jul 2021

2U and edX Merger Benefits Both

The combined 2U-edX company will be a larger threat to Coursera, which has become the behemoth of the online education space.

By Emma Whitford

2U and edX, major players in slightly different corners of the online learning market, announced Tuesday that they would join forces.

EdX’s assets will also allow 2U to compete more directly with Coursera in the direct-to-consumer online education marketplace, according to Michael Horn, cofounder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, a nonprofit think tank.

“Coursera has this incredible direct-to-consumer business that brings in revenue but also makes their marketing for their degree programs more efficient and allows them to do some creative things,” Horn said. “All of a sudden, now 2U has something — not at the same scale, but certainly significant.”


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