The Purpose of School
Aug 2021

The Purpose of School

Imagine that we have been given the opportunity to completely redesign the concept of school. Where would we go?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators have been forced to reimagine almost every aspect of school, changing our ideas about what’s truly essential. As we rest, recover, and reflect on the past year, we can also refine our vision for the future. NAIS President Donna Orem and Michael B. Horn, join us to talk about redesigning the purpose and future of schools, collaborations between K-12 and higher education, and creating a culture of well-being in school communities.

In this episode, hosts Tim Fish and Lisa Kay Solomon dig into a number of big ideas, starting with a full examination of the purpose of schools. Donna brings up the historical purpose of education, but one relevant theme that surfaces throughout the episode is that purpose is also the future of schools. But how do school leaders and parents understand the purpose of school? Are they on the same page? And where does higher ed fit in?

Building on questions about the way parents and educators view student achievement, Michael points out areas of disconnect between K-12 schools and higher education. He shares his views on what needs to change in terms of creating a stronger culture of collaboration between colleges and K-12, as well as how the current dynamic feeds a culture of fear among parents. Donna also wonders how that culture of fear holds schools back from creating a more purpose-driven educational environment, and how parents and schools could become better partners in helping students pursue their passions.


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