Why Jobs For The Future Is Leaning Into Outcomes
Mar 2022

Why Jobs For The Future Is Leaning Into Outcomes

At the end of January, Jobs for the Future (JFF) announced an acquisition of the Education Quality Outcomes Standards Board (EQOS), a nonprofit I helped cofound and where I serve on the board.

What’s interesting about the acquisition is the signaling effect. Those concerned with training for the future of work are becoming far more concerned with outcomes, not just access to education and upskilling opportunities.

“I think as we begin to look forward and really begin to work towards an equitable recovery, the field really has to take a closer look at the outcomes that are being produced by the training and workforce and education system,” said Tameshia Bridges Mansfield, JFF’s vice president for workforce innovation. “We’re at a point where we can’t just blindly say any training is good training.”


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