Discussing The Need To Reinvent Education
May 2022

Discussing The Need To Reinvent Education

The pandemic has often been named as education’s biggest disruptor. A catalyst for change, the pandemic highlighted failing systems along traditional learning pathways throughout the K-12 educational system. Education is not working optimally for anyone before the pandemic, and certainly not during or after.

My mission is to help everyone be everyone be able to live in a world in which they’re able to build their passions and fulfill their human potential. There is a need for a more solid guide for education leaders. To help with this, I have written and published “From Reopen to Reinvent: (Re)Creating School for Every Child” aimed at providing tools for rewriting the classroom.

The book is focused on the shift from a debilitating event to “an opportunity framing,” providing advice on navigating school board politics, funding, and fueling success. The novel also focuses on competency learning processes. If we don’t make this shift to mastery-based learning we will remain stuck in what is currently a zero-sum education system, where for every winner there is a loser. And that is actually one of the obstacles in my mind, to change.


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