A Guide to Rethinking Education After Pandemic
Sep 2022

A Guide to Rethinking Education After Pandemic

By Michael Staton

As the pandemic kicked in and much of the world went into lockdown, schools everywhere were forced to adapt. Much of the national media coverage made the result look like a total disaster:. Students everywhere set back; teachers burnt out; and parents at wit’s end. And certainly there have been plenty of challenges for educators during this health crisis.

But there is another story—a story of rebirth, of opportunity, of hope, of beacons of light.

During the pandemic, there were those who rose to the occasion—innovators who forged a new path, students who learned more than they knew they could, teachers who felt unbound by convention, administrators who mobilized bureaucracies known for inertia and parents who saw first-hand that another world is possible. There were many individuals and organizations who knew it was a once in a millennium moment to rethink what has been, to experiment with what could be, to create an upgraded education model and a better school experience.


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