From Everything-to-Everyone to Jobs To Be Done
Oct 2022

From Everything-to-Everyone to Jobs To Be Done

By Christian Talbot, President of MSA-CESS

Here are comments from parents at school board meetings that will sound familiar to school leaders:

“Our athletic facilities aren’t as good as school X’s, and we’re losing students to them. We should invest in new fields.”

“Our 4th grade test scores are down. We should create a prep course for all 3rd graders to make sure this never happens again.”

“I’ve heard that school Y has an amazing approach to college counseling. Shouldn’t we be doing what they’re doing so that our kids get into great schools too?” [1]

Three different parents, three different ideas about what would be good for the school.

How is a board—and, by extension, school leadership—supposed to discern priorities?


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