The Disruptive Voice’s 100th Episode – Anomalies Wanted
Nov 2022

The Disruptive Voice’s 100th Episode – Anomalies Wanted

Many listeners will know that Clay had a homemade “Anomalies Wanted” sign in his office at Harvard Business School – it was the backbone of his approach to research and theory building, as he worked to strengthen and refine his frameworks over the years. Many past guests on this podcast, when asked about what made Clay such a powerful thinker and teacher, responded saying that he was humble, that he was open to learning from everyone, and that he was always on the lookout for anomalies. Specifically, Clay viewed anomalies not as threats to the viability or applicability of his work but – quite the opposite – as presenting opportunities to learn and to improve the frameworks. In this episode, you’ll hear from a number of people who were near and dear to Clay, all of whom share their reflections and insights on the theme of “Anomalies Wanted.”


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