Rethinking Sports Education in Schools
Feb 2023

Rethinking Sports Education in Schools

If we’re serious about helping all individuals build their passions and fulfill their human potential, then we need to help them not just with their academics, but also focus on their health and wellness and their habits of success.

A big part of that can and should be built on a foundation of fitness, which means instilling lifelong habits of fitness when they’re in K–12 schools. But that means some big changes in how we think about sports, PE and more in our society.

To help unpack elements of this topic, Steve Mesler, an Olympic gold medalist and the co-founder and CEO of Classroom Champions joined me, alongside Andy Rotherham, a national leader in the world of education reform, the co-founder of Bellwether Education, and a member of the Virginia Board of Education among other roles.

Steve and Andy’s passions for this topic really shone through in this conversation, in which we touched on everything from the reasons why sports are beneficial to students, how the high demands and desires to be great in one thing can be counterproductive, and why it’s necessary to make sure sports are fun and not just about the competition.


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