Biden’s Latest Regulatory Overreach Hits Colleges
Mar 2023

Biden’s Latest Regulatory Overreach Hits Colleges

In a show of regulatory overreach, the Biden administration’s Department of Education issued guidance last week to expand its tentacles into the internal affairs of #colleges and the contracts they sign with outside organizations.

Why bureaucrats in Washington, and not the colleges themselves, are best positioned to monitor contracts with outside parties that serve #students is unclear. Yet the impact will be felt in higher costs and a stunting of needed #innovation on behalf of students.

The immediate impact is that tens of thousands of contracts between colleges and third-party organizations will become exposed to intense scrutiny and new reporting. The problems with the approach are numerous.

The regulatory red tape will increase costs at a time when most agree that the price of #highereducation has risen too high. It will also favor incumbents over nimble startups that do not have the budgets to comply.


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