Antisemitism’s Impact On Choosing College: The Bottom Line
May 2024

Antisemitism’s Impact On Choosing College: The Bottom Line

To understand how people may be changing how they choose college, it’s important to look at some historical data on how people make choices more broadly. And that requires us to first ground the conversation in the Jobs to Be Done theory, which explains the set of forces that cause people to take a particular action, not what correlates with that action.

What Bob Moesta and Clayton Christensen, the creators of this theory, found consistently is that it turns out that people don’t typically choose something based on a narrow understanding of identity. Demographics can correlate with one’s actions, but rarely is it causal. Bob has done this work across dozens of industries—healthcare, aerospace, automotive, defense, education, consumer products, and more—and across thousands of products and services, and this finding is consistent.

Image Credit:, Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


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