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May 2019

Will MOOCs transform higher ed after all? Episode 37 of Future U

MIT professor Anant Agarwal, the founder and CEO of edX, a non-profit online learning destination, talks with Michael and Jeff about the evolution and impact..

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May 2018

Tales from a Higher Ed Disruptor: Episode 14 of FutureU

Long-time higher ed entrepreneur and founder of The Entangled Group Paul Freedman talks to Jeff and Michael about his newest venture, Entangled, and how he..

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Apr 2018

Is Innovation Cultural or Strategic? ASU President Michael Crow on Episode 10 of Future U

Arizona State University President Michael Crow discusses the waves of innovation throughout the history of higher ed and how it impacts what’s next on campuses...

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Apr 2018

Are There Unicorns In EdTech? Episode 9 of Future U

Deborah Quazzo, the Founder and Managing Partner, GSV Acceleration Fund and the Co-Founder of the annual ASU+GSV Summit joined Jeff and Michael at this week’s..

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Apr 2018

What Impact Does Helicopter Parenting Have on Student Success? Episode 8 of Future U

University of California at Merced sociology professor Laura Hamilton, author of Parenting to a Degree, joins Michael and Jeff to discuss student success and the..

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