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Jul 2020

We Should Have Fixed Inequity in Education Yesterday. Now the Pandemic Has Made Redesigning the System Exponentially More Urgent. Episode 10 of Class Disrupted.

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Jul 2020

The Global Search for Education: Use the Pandemic to Forge Your Purpose and Capacity to Lead

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Nov 2018

Exploring False Dichotomies in Education on the TeachThought Podcast

Drew Perkins talks with Michael B. Horn, Chief Strategy Officer at The Entangled Group and Distinguished Fellow at the  Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Education, about his work and thoughts about the future of..

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Aug 2018

Rethinking the Rules on Federal Higher-Ed Spending: Change the Rules to Unleash Innovation

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Nov 2016

General Assembly’s Jake Schwartz On Transparency, Outcomes, And Measuring What Matters

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Aug 2016

Evaluating the Evaluators: How to Reduce Conflict of Interest in Higher-Ed Quality Assurance

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