Charting A New Path For Education Philanthropy
Apr 2021

Charting A New Path For Education Philanthropy

Philanthropy is in the midst of a significant shift. Over the last several years we’ve seen the rise of new kinds of social impact organizations that are altering the traditional categories of giving and impact investing—a classic sign that perhaps we didn’t have the traditional categories of organizations correct previously.

These organizations recognize that tackling the complex societal issues of the day require a cross-sector perspective and approach. The challenges are too interdependent across a range of systems, organizations and individuals. 

As a result, they are breaking down silos to support solutions across nonprofits, business, and government. Among this emerging group of mission-first funders is Strada Education Network, which invests in and brings together a wide array of both nonprofit and for-profit organizations focused on improving pathways between education and employment. 


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