Nov 2016

Education Elements Gets Results

As Education Elements moves into its sixth year supporting schools and districts, its latest impact report builds the case that personalizing learning for students isn’t just a one-hit wonder but a sound strategy for boosting outcomes for all students.

Districts deliver

In 2015, the Christensen Institute and Evergreen Education Group published12 case studies of how traditional school districts improved students’ learning outcomes after implementing blended learning. As I noted at the time, it shouldn’t have been news that districts were using blended learning. They may use it more often than charters. What was news was that a handful was achieving great results. Sadly, it was challenging to find more than 12 getting concrete results on which we could report — a key reason why charters have received more attention than their district counterparts around blended learning.

Fast forward to now. The Education Elements report alone specifically highlights seven districts with concrete, measurable, and objective positive results around student outcomes from personalizing learning. And given the overall results from the portfolio of districts, there are undoubtedly more shining stories.


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