Nov 2016

How Will a Trump Presidency Impact Education Innovation?

My co-executive editors at Education Next, Rick Hess and Michael Petrilli, have already offered important macro-level thoughts on the election and President-elect Trump’s victory (here and here) to which I have little to add. The question that I am to consider is the impact of Trump’s election on innovation in education. Innovation is sorely needed to transform our education system from one that was built to optimize the delivery of instruction to one that ensures that each and every child learns and can fulfill their human potential.

If I’m being honest, I don’t know what the impact will be—for all the reasons Hess and Petrilli outline. Investment in innovation thrives typically amidst certainty. The lack of certainty is a likely negative for the cause of innovation in the pursuit of creating an education system that allows all students to fulfill their potential.


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