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Aug 2020

Outschool CEO On The Pandemic, Serving Parents, And Helping Education Innovate

Amir Nathoo, founder and CEO of the popular online learning site Outschool, joins me on the Future of Education to talk about the growth of..

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Jun 2020

Verto Education’s Path To Reinventing The Freshman Year

Verto Education partners with top colleges to allow students to travel abroad and earn credit. Find out why it does so and how it’s adapting..

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Jun 2020

Joel Rose on What K12 Schools Should Look Like in the Fall

Joel Rose is the CEO and founder of New Classrooms, which offers the Teach to One math program. He’s a vital voice on the importance..

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Apr 2020

‘Why Do I Want Digital Experiences for My Kids If It Looks Like This?’ — Experts Fear Parent Backlash Against Online Learning

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