Higher Education in 2035
Jun 2024

Higher Education in 2035

Higher education in the United States has reached a crossroads. Colleges buffeted by economic changes, political pressures, and dwindling public confidence must respond quickly while also playing the long game: They must plan now for imminent demographic shifts, rapid technological change, and an uncertain labor market. They are forced to consider: What can and should higher education be?

This collection of essays by leading experts offers a way forward. Deeply informed perspectives on the imminent future of the sector will enable college leaders to guide their institutions into a healthy, sustainable future, to determine their mission and to deliver on it.

Readers of this report will explore higher education in the next ten years and gain insight into:

  • The size and shape of tomorrow’s potential student body, and how colleges will need to innovate to meet enrollment challenges.
  • Strategies for making higher education more affordable, equitable, and therefore attractive.
  • The role online learning will play.
  • How the curriculum and elite PhD programs are likely to change.
  • How community colleges will better serve their localities.
  • How artificial intelligence will affect teaching, learning, research, and academic administration.
  • How the physical campus will change to support the higher education of the future.

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