Dec 2019

Choosing College: Bob Moesta and Michael Horn on Why We Hire Education

It’s the most wonderful time of the year but for many high school seniors it means one thing: college application deadlines! This week on The Disruptive Voice, as millions of students hit “submit”, we’ve invited Bob Moesta and Michael Horn to The Forum to discuss why we go to college in the first place. They’ve recently released an excellent, highly-readable book called “Choosing College” that uses Jobs To Be Done-based research to examine why people hire education and how to choose it. You can further explore their findings at Choosing College.

Michael received his MBA from HBS in 2006 and, since then, has worked closely with Professor Christensen on disruption in education, including as Co-Founder of The Christensen Institute. He’s currently the Head of Strategy & Senior Partner Entangled Group and is Chief Strategy Officer & Principal Consultant at Entangled Solutions. Bob is a Disruptive Voice podcast veteran and, along with Prof Christensen, is co-architect of the Jobs To Be Done theory. He is also President & CEO of the The ReWired Group and moonlights as a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, and the Kellogg School at Northwestern. Bob and Michael are hosted this week by Chris Diak, an M.Div. candidate at Harvard Divinity School and one of our newest members here at The Forum for Growth & Innovation.


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