Jul 2020

The Great Distance-Learning Experiment

By Madeline Fry Schultz

How is our forced effort at online education going?

Education commentator Michael Horn, who produces a podcast called “Class Disrupted,” is hearing spluttering from parents across the country. “The lid has been lifted on how school works,” Horn says. And now parents are curious: Why is my child not motivated? Why is she doing worksheets? Does it really only take two hours to complete his full day’s work? What is the rest of the school day then used for? “I hope this leads them to keep asking big questions,” Horn says.

Looking back on this crash episode of remote education, Horn thinks parents will have mixed feelings. “There will be those who have good experiences or hints of good experiences. But I also think a lot of parents are having a really difficult time in this rush to online learning. As soon as they can get back into something more normal, they’re going to say, ‘Thank goodness that experiment is done.’”


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