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Dec 2020

MyTechHigh: Personalizing Learning

Matt Bowman, CEO and founder of MyTechHigh, joins me to talk about how students and families can personalize their education–during the pandemic and beyond. MyTechHigh..

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Dec 2020

What Are We Learning About Why School Districts Make Changes?

In conversation with Bob Moesta, creator of the Jobs to Be Done theory and author of the new book Demand-Side Sales 101 (as well as..

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Oct 2020

How to Balance At-Home Learning And Work For Parents

Charmaine Pattinson, the founder of Plinkit (, which offers parenting advice for early childhood, talks about the challenges parents–and women in particular–are facing at the..

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May 2020

Class Disrupted Us: Episode 0 of Class Distrupted Podcast

Introducing the Class Disrupted Podcast, a Weekly Pandemic Education Conversation Hosted by Author Michael Horn & Summit Public Schools’ Diane Tavenner. The coronavirus pandemic disrupted..

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